Open Gym

Open gym time allows students the time and space to practice their movements and skills. Although instructors will be present to ensure safety rules are followed, they will not offer coaching advice or spot students. Parents are encouraged to watch but are not allowed inside the gym area.  


When & Waivers

Open gym time is available Sunday 1–3pm. Students ages 5–23 may participate unattended. All students must have a signed waiver on file to participate. Students age 18+ may sign for themselves. If a student does not have a current waiver on file, they will not be let into the gym. 






$10 per open gym session, cash only, payable on day of.



We want our students to utilize open gym time to practice what they have learned in class. This is not, however, a chance to receive special or additional instruction from the instructors. 

We have put into place a procedure for smooth operation of open gym: Once waivers have been checked and your payment for open gym has been made,  your child will receive a wristband for access into the gym. You may want to come a few minutes early so your child does not miss any time in the gym. Doors will be open 15 minutes before open gym starts.