It's our goal to answer all your questions and ensure you have a great experience with us.

We know there's a lot of questions you might have and we're here to help. Check out these answers to questions we're most commonly asked. If you have a question not answered below, you can get in touch.

+ 1. Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at 12420 E. Grand River Ave. in Brighton. We are between Pleasant Valley and Kensington Roads. If you are traveling on I-96, take the Kensington Road exit. Go south on Kensington Rd. and west on Grand River. We will be on the south side of Grand River.

+ 2. What age can my child start?

Your child can start as soon as he/she is able to walk. We offer Parent Tot classes for one and two-year olds. A parent would be required to participate in this class to assist the child. We have a separate preschool “Winnie-The-Pooh” gym and preschool equipment just for the little ones!

+ 3. If my daughter starts gymnastics at an older age, does she have to start in Rec 1?

A child’s skill level determines what Rec class is appropriate for her. We do not separate Rec classes based on age. All beginners, no matter what the age, must start in Rec 1. Your child must acquire Rec 1 skills on beam, bars, vault and floor tumbling before progressing to the next level. Also, as a beginner, your child will not be familiar with proper gymnastics terminology if she does not start in Rec 1.

+ 4. What type of discounts do you offer?

We offer a 10% sibling discount. The first child (the highest tuition) is full price and the other siblings would receive 10% off tuition. A 15% discount will be given on additional classes per child. These discounts do not apply if you are registering for a special class that is already discounted.

+ 5. How quickly will my child learn the skills taught in class and how will I know if my child is ready to move up to a different class?

Every child learns at a different pace, but the normal progression process can take up to one year or beyond for skills to be obtained. Our teachers are highly trained and instruct in a fun yet effective manner. They continually track your child’s skill accomplishments and will keep you posted on their progress. Once your child has mastered skills in his/her level, he/she will receive a congratulatory certificate and will be able to advance into the next class level. At that time you must contact the office to make your new class selection. If you have any questions about your child’s progress you are always welcome to ask the coach after class or leave a message for them at the front desk. Remember, learning a new skill requires time, patience, strength, confidence building and flexibility.

+ 6. What are the apparel requirements?

We do OT require that the girls have leotards; however, most of them in preschool and rec classes do wear them. Those in the tumbling classes generally wear shorts and a t-shirt. For the safety of the students and instructors we ask that you follow these guidelines: Girls’ leotards should not have a skirt or sequins. Boys should wear shorts without pockets or zippers and t-shirts, which must be tucked in. Hair must be pulled back off the face with no bobby pins. No socks, tights, or jewelry may be worn in the gym. The children go into the gym barefoot.

+ 7. Where can I purchase a leotard?

We sell leotards here at Infinity Gymnastics, along with other gym wear.

+ 8. Do you have a parent viewing area?

Yes. Parents may watch their children through the big windows. There is comfortable seating and wireless internet also. We also have TVs in both viewing areas if you wish to catch a glimpse of your favorite sporting event while waiting.

+ 9. What if my child misses a class?

Just like college, your tuition pays for a class spot, regardless of attendance. However, we do allow one makeup class per month. All make-ups need to be done within the same month as the absence and must be scheduled with the front desk to ensure there is space available.

+ 10. Can I switch classes?

Yes. We understand that often times circumstances change that may require a change in class time, or maybe your child has decided to simply try a different class. Whatever the reason, switching classes is no problem as long as there is space available in the class in which you want to participate. Just call the front office to request a class switch.

+ 11. When can I register for class?

We have a continuous enrollment here. You may register at anytime. Fees are pro-rated to reflect the tuition for the remaining classes in the current month. You may register on-line, over the phone or stop by in person. Our staff is always willing to assist you.

+ 12. Is there an annual registration fee?

Yes. There is a $50 non-refundable annual fee per family. This fee is good for a full year from when you pay it. This money helps cover the cost of our liability insurance.

+ 13. Are there classes during the summer?

Yes. We offer a flexible summer schedule. Schedule your classes around your summer plans! If you are going on vacation for the month of June, no problem! Simply schedule all your classes during July and August! In the summer we provide unlimited make-ups for your convenience! Just call the front desk to schedule. The class schedule changes during the summer and we hold an eight-week session. Current students would need to re-register if continuing through the summer. (Your annual registration would not have to be repaid unless it has been a year since you last paid it.) We do encourage students to continue through the summer as gymnastics is really a year-round sport. It takes a lot of time and effort to acquire skills, strength and flexibility, but only a short time to lose it all.

+ 14. Do you follow the schools for closings?

We DO NOT follow the schools for vacations. Our holiday gym closings are listed on our brochure and on our website. However, we do follow the Brighton area schools for closings due to inclement weather for daytime classes only. For evening classes, we ask that you check our telephone message after 2:00 p.m. for closing updates.

+ 15. How do I drop a class?

You would need to fill out and submit a DROP REQUEST FORM. The class drop request goes into effect immediately. If you wish to complete the remaining classes in the current month then do NOT turn in the drop form until after the last class of the month. If you drop a class mid month you will not receive credits and/or refunds for the remaining classes in the current month. If you are late submitting your form there are no refunds or credits for the month you were charged. You may obtain a form on our website or at the front desk. No verbal drop requests or emails will be honored. You may fax the form at (810) 229-4998, turn it in at the desk or mail it as long as we receive it before the 1st of the month when you are charged again.

+ 16. How do I pay my bill?

Full tuition is due at the time of registration, and on or before the 1st of the month after that. We use an auto billing system. We will charge your credit/debit card the 1st of each month for your balance due and email your receipt if you have provided an email. You have the option of paying by check or cash, but we must receive it BEFORE the 1st of each month. If a balance remains on your account on the 1st of the month Infinity Gymnastics will initiate electronic payments for this balance. Check payments may also be dropped in our locked box by the front desk. Please make sure the gymnast’s name is written on the check so we can properly apply the payment.

+ 17. What happens if my payment is late?

If your account has a balance on the 1st of the month and payments cannot be processed electronically, there will be an administrative fee of $10 added to your account. We do not send out a monthly bill and it is your responsibility to pay your balance. If, for any reason, payments cannot be processed and your account balance remains overdue, your enrollment in classes will be cancelled. Non-sufficient fund charges are $20.

+ 18. How does a holiday closing affect tuition cost?

Tuition prices are based on four classes per month. When class scheduling is figured at the start of the season holidays are taken into consideration. The schedule is prepared so that each class gets an average of four classes per month. Because of the nature of the calendar system, some months students will get more than four classes and some months less. The price of tuition remains the same from month to month.

+ 19. Do you offer competitive team programs?

Yes. We have both a girls’ and a boys’ gymnastics team here at Infinity. Our teams are governed by USA Gymnastics and are Junior Olympic Programs. Our teams compete at the local, state, regional and national levels.

+ 20. How do students get on team?

Entry into our competitive programs is by invitation only. We hold tryouts usually in the spring for those girls who have reached Level 3 or higher and are interested in competing on a team. The preschool children are evaluated in classes and are invited to participate in special classes if they demonstrate an aptitude for competitive gymnastics. Their tryout for team is held during the exhibition. The boys who have completed levels 1 and 2 classes and who are interested in competing on a team are evaluated by the boys’ team coach to determine if they have team potential.

+ 21. Is there any competition or show that the rec classes will do?

There is no competition. However, we do have an exhibition for our rec, boys and preschool classes when the season ends, usually in June. This gives the children a chance to show what they have learned throughout the year.

+ 22. Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. You may request private lessons via our website or give us a call at 810-229-4966. Our coaches schedule private lessons directly with the customers. The office takes the customer name, telephone number and other information, determines who is the best coach for the particular student and gives the information to the coach to contact the customer.