The following policies and procedures explain the requirements necessary to participate in Infinity classes.  Many of these requirements are in place to ensure the safety of our students.


1.  A registration form must be filled out before the start of your child's class.  A non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 (1 per family) is due at the time of registration and is valid for 1 year.

2.  No refunds will be given at any time.

3.  Children should wear leotards or shorts and t-shirts.  Please, no jeans or belted pants.  All shirts should be tucked in.

4.  Children will be barefoot during the class.

5.  Hair should be pulled back if it is longer than the shoulders or falls into the student's face.  Metal, plastic or beaded hair ties/bows are not allowed.

6.  Students should never bring food, beverages (other than water), or chewing gum into the gym.

7.  No jewelry should be worn during class.

8.  Feet or bottom first when jumping into the pit!  No throwing the foam blocks!

9.  ZIP LINE RULES:  Students using the zip line must be supervised at all times.  No pushing/shoving while waiting in line.  One person at a time.  You must let go of the zip line approximately half way down, dropping in the center of the foam block pit.


11.  Class Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather:  If Brighton Area Public Schools close for the day due to inclement weather, our regular morning scheduled classes will not be held.  For evening classes, we ask that you call the gym (810-229-4966) after 2:00 p.m. for a closing update.  If bad weather develops during the day, call the gym and we will have a recording announcing if classes will be held.  This also applies to Saturday classes.  We do try to notify everyone in a timely manner by email, too, if classes are cancelled.  Makeup classes due to inclement weather can be scheduled at the front desk.

12.  Dropping a Class:  Your child is continuously enrolled in class until a Drop Request Form is signed and submitted to the front desk.  The drop goes into effect immediately.  Therefore, if you wish to complete the remaining classes in the current month, do NOT turn in the drop form until after the last class of the month.  If you drop a class mid-month, you will not receive credits or refunds for the remaining classes.  If you are late submitting your form, there are no refunds or credits for the month you were charged.  (Payments are processed on the 1st of every month.)  You may obtain a drop form on our website or at the front desk.  No verbal drop requests or emails will be honored.  You may fax the form to 810-229-4998, turn it in at the front desk, or mail it to us in time to be received before the 1st of the month.

Additional Policies for Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

  •  Students should wait in the parent viewing area until instructors call classes out into the gym.
  • Children are never allowed in the gym without the supervision of instructors.
  • Adults are not allowed in the gymnasium unless accompanying a child under 5 for open gym or their child is enrolled in a Parent Tot class.
  • We ask that children wait for rides inside the facility.  If their ride is running late, please call the front office.

Additional Policies for Make-Up Classes:

  • If students miss class, one class per month is allowed to be made up.  Parents should contact the front office to schedule a makeup class in advance.  If students do not schedule their makeup and the class they wish to join is full, they will not be allowed to participate.
  • All makeups need to be done within the month that classes are missed.  We do not offer refunds for missed classes.  We do not offer credits for missed classes unless it is for an injury or severe illness.  Medical documentation would be required.